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KABS Pharmacy is most known for our valuable benefits to assisted living facility (ALF) staff as well as facility residents and their families.


  • We offer a depth of knowledge and pharmacy support that helps ALF staff meet compliance requirements placed on for medication administration management. 


  • Families can continue using KABS Pharmacy when care needs change and a family member moves into an ALF.


  • We are a flexible pharmacy provider that can even move with you through changing medication needs and varying levels of care within an ALF.


  • We offer a streamlined approach which allows families to avoid paying outside nursing services to manage/deliver medications.


  • We deliver five days a week to over 20 facilities in our area.

Assisted Living & Senior Care Facilities


Adult Family Care Homes


As a leading provider of pharmaceutical care for local residents of Adult Family Care Homes (AFCH), KABS Pharmacy services are focused on improving quality of life while reducing costs to the AFCH provider.


  • Pharmacists can provide direction and oversight on all aspects of the packaging, handling, storage, and administration of drugs. 


  • Our Blister Packaging places all routine medication into an easy to use blister package. Packages are labeled with days and times of administration for ease of use which reduces the burden on the caregiver; particularly when a patient must take multiple medications throughout the day on an on-going basis.


  • We offer complimentary delivery five days a week to Adult Family Care Homes in Hillsborough County


We are committed in providing the best professional pharmacy services for your Adult Family Care Home. 


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